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Symphony PLUS® Breast Pump

Symphony PLUS® is a hospital-grade (multi-user) breast pump engineered with Initiation Technology™ to help build and maintain your breast milk supply – Using the Symphony PLUS soon after birth can significantly increase your milk supply* and is available to rent to your home. * Meier,P.P., Engstrom,J.L., Janes,J.E., Jegier,B.J., & Loera,F. Breast pump suction patterns that mimic the human infant during breastfeeding: Greater milk output in less time spent pumping for breast pump-dependent mothers with premature infants. J Perinatol 32, 103–110 (2012).

3-in-1 Nursing and Pumping Bra

Pump and breastfeed in complete comfort with the Medela nursing and pumping bra. Featuring a 3-In-1 versatile design, it’s lightweight and ultra-breathable, with Adaptive Stretch™ for a perfect fit. The 3-In-1 Nursing and Pumping Bra features an ideal balance of comfort and practicality, designed to be the only bra you need all day while keeping you comfortable and supported from morning until night.

This 3-In-1 nursing and pumping bra is perfect for all-day wear and designed for: 

  • In-bra pumping
  • Electric breast pumps
  • Nursing
  • $48.99

    Breast Milk Collector

    The Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector is a true breastfeeding companion and breast milk saver. With its double leak proof design, lanyard and suction base, Medela’s Silicone Breast Milk Collector protects each precious drop of milk from being lost, to ensure your baby receives it all!


    Easy to use, simply attach the breast milk collector, also known among other brands as a silicone breast pump, on one breast while feeding from the other to capture your natural let-down.


    Breast Milk Cooler Set

    The Breast Milk Cooler Set is great as an extra set for bringing to work or school to store pumped breast milk or for leaving at daycare with your baby.


    Breast Milk Storage Bags

    Store, transport and warm breast milk in these convenient, ready-to-use breast milk storage bags. They can also be used safely as freezing bags for breast milk. Medela breast milk storage bags stand up or lay flat for space-saving and organizing. The double zipper seal keeps your breast milk safe.


    Breast Milk Storage Bottle Spare Parts

    Breast Milk Storage Bottle Spare Parts ensure you have clean storage bottles and accessories handy at all times.


    Breast Milk Storage Bottles

    Medela breast milk storage bottles are made without BPA.  The safe plastic we use is designed to retain breast milk's benefits. Our bottles for breastfed babies are designed to work with all Medela breast pumps for pumping, feeding, and storage right in the bottle.

    For information on the World Health Organization’s recommendation on breastfeeding duration visit


    Breast Milk Storage Gift Set™

    The Breast Milk Storage Gift Set is a value pack of breast milk containers that includes everything you need to collect and store breast milk. Includes three 5oz polypropylene storage bottles, nipples, collars and caps, 20 Breast Milk Storage Bags, and six 80 mL (2.7oz) mini-storage bottles.


    Breast Milk Storage Solution™

    The perfect collection to complement a Medela breast pump. This complete system, made without BPA, allows mom to safely store, organize and protect her breast milk throughout her breastfeeding experience.