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Keep Cool™ Ultra Bra

The Keep Cool™ Ultra supportive nursing bra has six integrated breathing zones to keep you feeling cool and new quick dry technology to help balance your body temperature while offering you support and comfort. With the soft, comfortable feeling of a t-shirt bra and the convenience of a nursing bra, our 4-way Adaptive Stretch™ technology makes the bra grow with your body from pregnancy through nursing. It keeps you cool and dry even with your fluctuating body temperature. Removable, breathable padding and additional support make this wireless nursing bra a go-to for daily wear.

Latch & Protect Bundle

Breastfeeding might be natural, but sometimes it’s not easy. This helpful bundle will come in handy for moms with latch issues and sore, cracked nipples. Included in this limited-time bundle are our popular Contact Nipple Shields and Purelan Lanolin Cream. Contact Nipple Shields help with flat or inverted nipples, or for challenges with latching. Use these soft silicone nipple shields every time you nurse for added support. If your nipples are sore or cracked, smooth on thick, nourishing Purelan, which is made of 100% pure lanolin, for an ultra-moisturizing barrier that helps your skin rehydrate.

Mama Appreciation Bundle

This bundle is all for you, mama! We know how hard you work to provide breast milk for your baby – and how dedicated you are to your family. That’s why our Mama Appreciation Bundle was designed with some of our most popular favorites, including Purelan™ Lanolin Nipple Cream, Super Absorbency Disposable Nursing Pads, Tender Care™ Hydrogel Pads and a Stylish Backpack with Integrated Cooler to conveniently carry it all (and anything else you might need!)

Treat yourself and order this limited supply bundle today! A special gift will be included in the first 40 orders.

For today’s parents, remembering to take care of yourself too can be a challenge. This bundle is thoughtfully filled with the products we know you need and deserve. We know if your baby could talk (besides those super-cute coos), they’d say how much they appreciate you. With this bundle, we’ll say it for them: "You’re doing a great job!"

*See below for return policy details.


Medela Convenience & Care Bundle

Our new bundle combines TikTok’s favorite manual breast pump with our new Breast Massage Oil. The Harmony manual pump gives you the freedom to pump without a charger or outlet; simply express breast milk using the double-sided handle.  Between pumping sessions, apply the Organic Breast Massage Oil, which provides warming relief for sore breasts thanks to the Double Action™ of avocado oil and ginger. This fast-absorbing Vegan formula soothes the breast and nourishes the skin.


Medela Pump in Comfort Bundle

Breastfeeding and pumping take work, but we’ve bundled two popular products that help make the process more comfortable.  First, the Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump offers easy, efficient pumping. With a pocket-sized pump and hands-free collection cups, you can pump anywhere. The 105-degree breast shields minimize breast compression. Add our Organic Nipple Balm to soothe sore nipples and nourish dry skin. This lightweight, non-sticky balm features the Double Action of olive oil and calendula in an easy-to-spread formula that’s safe for breastfeeding.


Milk Collection Bundle

We know that leaks happen, and when you’re breastfeeding, you don’t want to waste a drop of that liquid gold. This convenient bundle helps you manage leaks and collect some of the breast milk that would otherwise be wasted. First, our new Milk Collection Shells are an easy way to catch leaking breast milk between nursing sessions. These soft silicone shells fit right into your bra so you won’t waste a drop! When collecting milk isn’t possible, use the Safe & Dry™ Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads in your bra to manage leaks. This limited-time bundle includes a 120-count pack.

Milk Collection Shells

If you find you’re leaking breast milk from one breast as your baby feeds from the other, Medela Milk Collection Shells can save this excess milk while you breastfeed.


Mini SpecialNeeds® Feeder Teat

One extra teat for use with the Mini SpecialNeeds® Feeder.

The SpecialNeeds Feeder offers you a way to feed your baby breast milk if he is physically unable to drink it from the breast or a bottle.

Nipple Rescue Bundle

Nipple cracks and sore breasts are common when breastfeeding, and we’ve created this limited-time bundle to help you manage those discomforts with ease. Our signature Purelan™ Lanolin Nipple Cream offers a safe, natural way to relieve and heal cracked nipples. Its thick formula creates a protective barrier that helps the skin rehydrate from within. Pair this soothing cream with our Tender Care™ HydroGel Pads when breasts are sore, for cooling comfort and instant relief.