Hands-free Collection Cups

Medela’s Hands-free Collection Cups provide a superior hands-free pumping experience. Using research-based design, our Hands-free Cups are anatomically designed for a comfortable fit to maximize milk expression and are ultra-lightweight, weighing just 2.7oz per cup. Our Collection Cups were designed to keep you hands-free for all your multi-tasking needs. The collection cups have been enhanced with an o-ring for a better seal, but still feature only three parts to clean, leaving you more precious time for all the other things in your busy life. These cups were made exclusively for use with Medela Freestyle™, Pump In Style® or SwingMaxi™ breast pumps and are not designed for use with Symphony® or Sonata® breast pumps.
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Features & Benefits

  • Anatomic shape:  The Hands-free Collection Cups are designed to comfortably fit your breast shape and support effective milk expression and more comfort.
  • Ultra-lightweight:  Hands-free Collection Cups are among the lightest available (2.7oz / 77g each) and designed to fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra.
  • 3 Parts for Easy Cleaning and Assembly:  Medela's collection cups are also dishwasher-safe to save you time on cleaning.
  • Transparent design:  Easily ensure that you're placing your nipple correctly into the tunnel, preventing rubbing and discomfort while supporting effective milk expression.  See-through cups help you notice when and how your milk is flowing.
  • Plug and pump:  The Hands-free Collection Cups can easily connect to your Freestyle™, Swing Maxi™ and Pump in Style® , so you can be ready to go sooner!  


Wearing your Hands-free Collection Cups

Based on decades of research-based learning and expertise in lactation science, Medela has created the Hands-free Collection Cups with an anatomical shape to fit comfortably on the breast.

These Collection Cups are lightweight and include just three parts to clean for convenient pumping and time savings.

With Medela’s Hands-free Collection Cups you now have one pump and two ways of pumping with just one breast pump. This ensures you have the flexibility to multitask, pump hands-free and choose how you want to pump without compromising performance¹ or function.

¹Gridneva Z et al. Clinical Nutrition Open Science.  2023; 49:28-36.

  • 2 - Collection cups
  • 2 - 24mm breast shields with 2 O-rings already applied on the shield
  • 2 - 21mm breast shields without O-rings applied
  • 2 - membranes
  • 2 - extension tubing
  • Instructions for use


  • Package Dimensions:  6.88 x 4.03 x 6.49 in (175 x 110 x 165 mm)

Unit weight:

  • Cup assembled already with 24mm shield, membrane and O-ring (x2) 5.4 oz (154 g)
  • Shield 21mm (x2) 1.9 oz (54 g)
  • Tubing (x2) 0.4 oz (11.8 g)

US warranty:
90 days.  For hygienic reasons, cannot be returned to store once opened.  Please contact Medela Customer Service for warranty replacement.

Assembling your Hands-free Collection Cups

Cleaning your Hands-free Collection Cups

Finish & Store with Hands-free Collection Cups

Finish pumping session - Hands-free Collection Cup

Replacing your Hands free Collection Cups O Ring

Wearing your Hands-free Collection Cups

Wearing Your Hands-free Collection Cups


How can I connect the Hands-free Collection Cups to my breastfeeding pump?

The Hands-free Collection Cups are connected to the breast pump by way of a tubing connection. The Hands-free cups are provided with tubing extensions that incorporate two connectors.  One connector (flat) connects to the collection cup and the other connector (round / soft) connects to the existing y-tubing assembly that was provided with your breast pump purchase. The pump connection remains the same as with the classic (with bottle) pumping kit.

How do I dispose the Hands-free Collection Cups?

The Hands-free Collection Cups are made of plastics that are not harmful to the environment when disposed of as household waste. You can recycle or dispose it of according to local regulations.

Are the Hands-free Collection Cups easy to clean?

With only three parts to clean :

  1. Cup
  2. Membrane
  3. Breast shield (no need to separate or remove the O-ring from the breast shield for washing or sanitizing)

the Hands-free Collection Cups have been designed to make cleaning easy. The cups are dishwasher safe on the top rack only. This excludes the tubing extension. For additional cleaning guidelines see the Center for Disease Control website:


When finished pumping, how can I drain the milk from the tunnel into the Hands-free Collection Cups?

To finish your pumping session, while the pump is still running lean forward and ensure all milk from the nipple tunnel enters the collection cups. Once there is no more milk in the tunnel stop the pump by turning off the pump.

Is the o-ring applied to all breast shield sizes in the Hands-free Collection Cups pack?

No, to reduce waste, the o-rings are assembled or applied only to each of the 24mm breast shields.

To use with another breast shield size, the o-ring needs to be removed from the 24 mm breast shield and reassembled to the alternative size breast shield before use.

Do wearable breast pump cups work as well as pumping with the classic bottle pumping kit?

The Hands-free Collection Cups offer pumping moms the same vacuum performance as the classic (bottle pumping) kit.  This allows moms the freedom to choose which pumping kit is right for them without sacrificing on vacuum performance.

Do the o-rings fit to all breast shield sizes?

Yes. The o-ring fits all breast shield sizes for the Hands-free Collection Cups.

Do I need a special bra to be able to use the Hands-free Collection Cups?

A special bra is not required when using the Hands-free Collection Cups. The cups are designed to fit into most nursing bras.

For the ultimate hands-free experience, check out our 3-in-1 Pumping and Nursing Bra.

How do the wearable cups hold or keep the milk inside safely?

The Hands-free Collection Cups use an o-ring sealing solution between the breast shield and cup (shell) to prevent milk leakage while in use.

How do the wearable cups hold on to the breast?

The Hands-free Collection Cups are placed on the breast inside the mom’s bra. The fit of the bra and vacuum generated from the pump creates a seal that allows the cups to stay in place while pumping and collecting milk.

How can I clean and dry the tubing extension for the Hands-free Collection Cups?

The Medela personal use breast pump features a closed system so milk cannot get into the tube when used as instructed. Do not clean or rinse the inside of the tubing under any circumstances. The exterior of the tubing can be wiped down with a damp cloth if dirty.

What is the weight of the Hands-free Collection Cups?

The Hands-free Collection Cups weigh 2.7 oz / 77g each.

How much milk do the Hands-free Collection Cups hold?

Each Hands-free Collection Cup can hold up to 5oz / 150ml breast milk.

Are the cups compatible with pumps from other brands or just with Medela pumps?

The Hands-free Collection Cups are not compatible with pumps from other brands and only compatible with Medela double electric breast pumps, specifically FreestyleTM, Swing MaxiTM  and Pump in Style®.

Do I have to take out the o-rings off my Hands-free Collection Cups during washing or sanitizing?

During regular washing or sanitizing, you do not need to remove the o-ring from the breast shield.

How do the Hands-free Collection Cups work?

The Hands-free Collection Cups provide users a means of hands-free pumping while maintaining the same vacuum performance as the classic PersonalFit Flex™ bottle pumping kit.

Vacuum is applied to the breast by means of a tubing connection to the pump.  The air flow between the pump and the hands-free cups generates a vacuum that is applied to the breast for milk expression. The milk is then collected within the cup and can be poured from the cup into a bottle or storage bag at the end of the pumping session. Hands-free Collection Cups are not intended to be used for milk storage.

Are Hands-free Collection Cups hospital grade?

No, the Hands-free Collection Cups are not part of the hospital grade pump system Symphony Plus. These cups are not for hospital use; to be sterilized and/or autoclaved (they are to be sanitized and washed daily).

The  Hands-free Collection Cups are only compatible with the Medela personal use pumps, specifically  specifically  FreestyleTM, Swing MaxiTM  and  Pump in Style®.

How do I put the o-ring on to a different breast shield size for my Hands-free Collection Cups?

If you would like to use a different breast shield size:

  • Remove the already applied o-ring from the 24 mm breast shield starting by pulling out the bottom tab from the breast shield.
  • Place the o-ring on a different size of breast shield, start from the top of the breast shield
  • Stretch it over the outer edge of the breast shield. Ensure it goes on with the ridges facing outwards.
  • Press along the groove, checking that it is securely in place all the way around.

My Hands-free Collection Cups have an o-ring. What is it and why do I need to know about it?

The o-ring is the silicone component assembled around the breast shield of the Hands-free Collection Cup.

The o-ring:

  • provides a seal between the breast shield and shell / cup
  • prevents milk leakage while in use
  • supports ease of milk transfer from cup to bottle or storage bag
  • is removable to allow transfer between different breast shield sizes and as needed for cleaning

Are the Hands-free Collection Cups dishwasher safe?

They are top rack only dishwasher-safe.  This excludes the tubing extension.

When Hands-free Collection Cups are full can you empty them and then keep pumping?

Yes! The Hands-free Collection Cups hold 150ml / 5oz of breastmilk each.

When the cups are full:

  1. Pause the pumping by pressing the play/pause button on the display.
  2. Pour the expressed milk into a breast milk-safe collection bottle or storage bag.
  3. Place the Hands-free Collection Cups back in position and continue the pumping session.

At times I produce a lot of milk, can I pause the pump to empty the full Hands-free Collection Cups?

Yes. Medela personal use pumps do not shut off automatically when the collection containers are full. However, because of the Hands-free Collection Cups’ transparent design and side scale measurement indicator, it makes it easy to monitor how much has been collected and pause the pumping when the cups are full.

How long do you have to pump with wearable cups?

Pumping duration is dependent on each user. The Hands-free Collection Cups offer the same vacuum performance as the classic bottle pumping kit, users can expect to pump for the same duration as with the classic PersonalFit Flex™.

Can I return the Hands-free Collection Cups if I change my mind?

The Hands-free Collection Cups pump set is a single-user product, therefore for hygiene and safety reasons, they can only be used by one person. This means that once the tamper seal is broken, you will not be able to return the product to Medela or a retailer unless it is faulty. If you received a faulty or malfunctioning device, please contact the Medela customer service team to see if you are eligible for a warranty replacement.

Are the Hands-free Collection Cups adaptable to different breast shapes?

The Hands-free Collection Cups are designed in an anatomical shape to comfortably fit to most breasts. The Hands-free Collection Cups come in two sizes; 21mm and 24mm to maximize comfort and effective milk drainage during pumping.

Can I keep using my current Medela double electric personal use pump with the Hands-free Collection Cups?

Yes, absolutely. The Hands-free Collection Cups are compatible with the Medela double electric personal use breast pumps specifically  FreestyleTM, Swing MaxiTM  and  Pump in Style®even if they were previously bought in a classic configuration (with bottles).

Are the wearable breast pump cups covered under insurance?

The Hands-free Collection Cups are not covered under insurance.

Can I store milk in the Hands-free Collection Cups between pump sessions?

No. Do not use collection cups to store expressed breastmilk as it could tip over and spill from the pour spout. When a mom has finished pumping, any breast milk expressed should be poured into a milk-safe storage container.

Do you have to be sitting or can you be more active when using the Hands-free Collection Cups?

The Hands-free Collection Cups (or wearable breast pump cups) are great for relaxing back and taking a moment, and also for those time when you have to be on-the-go. Whether you choose to pump while sitting, walking around or tending to your baby, the Hands-free Collection Cups allows you both options. It is good to note as with all pumps, the cups are not designed to be used when leaning over completely or during exercise as there is an opening (pouring spout) at the top of the cups through which milk could spill out.

How often do Hands-free Collection Cups need to be sanitized?

They should be boiled before first use, washed after every use (hand wash or dishwash), and sanitized once per day (boil or micro-steam). These cups are not for hospital use which are to be sterilized and/or autoclaved.

How often do I need to clean the Hands-free Collection Cups?

The Hands-free Collection Cups should be boiled before first use, washed after every use (hand wash or dishwash), and sanitized once per day (boil or micro-steam). During regular washing and sanitizing, you do not need to remove the o-rings from the breast shield.  Always allow all parts to completely dry before re-assembly.

Can I exclusively pump with the Hands-free Collection Cups?

Medela recommends choosing the Symphony plus rental to build supply in pump dependent mothers. Once supply is established (usually around 4 weeks), the  Freestyle™  and  Pump in Style® are pumps that are designed for moms who pump a lot.

How can I store the Hands-free Collection Cups for long-term?

Before long-term storage, disassemble and sanitize all parts (except for the tubing). Do not store the Hands-free Collection Cups in assembled state over an extended period of time.

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